Nailed to the Tree (cross)

Celebrating the Feasts of our Heavenly has been quite a change, but I have discovered that they are so much more fun than the pagan holidays and even the yearly campmeetings we  attended.  We enjoy getting together with fellow believers, worshiping, singing, feasting, learning, etc.

Many churches nail God’s Holy days to the cross (and much more), and then in the past few decades decide to celebrate the beast power’s holy days and tells its people it is ok to do so! Absolutely amazing! It is now ok to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Sunrise Services, Valentines’ Day, Halloween, and the like, which are the inventions of Rome. How do we justify this friends? – Just what is the Malachi 4:4 message about? “Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, [with] the statutes and judgments.” We certainly need to be in full understanding of exactly what is the “law of Moses and the statutes and judgments”, as the prophet was looking yet future. For more information – Laws of our Heavenly Father

I do not agree with all that is mentioned in these videos or on this website. As mentioned before, I like to only study the Bible and historical facts. But I find that this is very good info on the laws, statutes, and judgements of our Heavenly Father.

Which “law” was nailed to the cross, if any? Which “covenant” is applicable to Dad’s people today and why? The foundational doctrine of my former denomination is the Sanctuary message (not the Sabbath as so many believe) (Dan 8:14). If the Sanctuary message is of so great importance (and I believe that it is) then why aren’t we teaching it in its entirety? We can’t teach the Sanctuary message without teaching the Feast (Holy) days, as these days are an intrinsic part of the message. Yet, my former denomination teaches that this was the part of the law nailed to the cross – Colossians 2:14-16.

Please study this deeply. Do not be lied to by your denomination.  The truth is in the Bible.


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