Are the Feasts a part of our Father’s amazing laws (commandments, statutes, judgments, words ordinances, and testimonies)?

I have a hard time reading a long and overly detailed article and also listening to some one who drones on and on about an idea. I want to get right to the point.  “Please…just give me the facts, opinions and ideas right at the start” Then I can research it on my own, without interruption.

So, check out Leviticus 23. The whole chapter. Please, do not just read the Bible like I used to. Yep, I read the whole Bible through. But where did it get me? Just another brownie point. We need to study the Bible, prayerfully. Take your time with this chapter, talk your Heavenly Dad about it.

I believe that the feasts are a part our Father’s commandments. And they were not nailed to the tree (cross).

I will continue to share with ya’ll my thoughts as we travel through the feasts together.

Please, share your thoughts, concerns, questions, statements below.






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