I Apologize to You, and to My Country

Incredible Discovery

I have failed you.

“I didn’t speak up when the secret government brought about wars in Laos, Burma, Vietnam, [E. Timor], and Central America.

I didn’t speak out about the deaths of 58,000 Americans in Vietnam, or the tens of thousands of CIA-directed assassinations in Central and South America.

I didn’t speak out when the savings and loans were looted.

I didn’t speak out [or listen] when courageous individuals spoke out about the October Surprise operation.

I didn’t speak up when…people reported the CIA drug trafficking into the United States.

I didn’t speak up when I learned of the looting of people’s assets in Chapter 11 by corrupt federal judges and others.”

“I chose to remain ignorant about the depth of corruption by government officials and judges.

I ignored the pattern of cover-up and criminal activities by members of Congress.

I ignored my responsibilities as a Citizen, and was indifferent…

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