Journey to Freedom

My journey began when I was able to think and study for myself, at an early age.  But it also began when I chose to really study the Bible for myself, see what My Father in Heaven shares in the Bible. What are His true desires for me, what does He command me to do, how do I find peace, joy, and love, am I really supposed to be part of  a denomination, what does the Bible say about being a believer in the Way? Was my current religion truly the remnant like I had been taught all my life? Was it even ok to question my life in the remnant church?

I grew up with the assurance that I was part of the remnant. I did not need to search any further… my denomination assured me that I was following the Bible, every jot and tittle. I was all set as long as I agreed to the baptismal vows and adhered to the 27…28 Fundamental Beliefs. Hmmm. I never questioned that until a few years ago when my life changed dramatically.  How could being a denominational worker  (my husband was a full-time pastor) in the remnant church be so difficult? How could these men and women of God who were our superiors be so full of themselves, and strike us down in our ministry along with our congregations? I just did not see this happening with the leaders in the Bible.  Oh yeah, I read that these guys made mistakes, repented, and got back on the soap box.  I read that they were heart-broken for their sins.  I read that they were totally human, but they were also filled with the Father’s spirit (most of the time) I read that they were forgiven and went on to become great disciples for truth, our Father. I also read about the Sadducees and the Pharisees. Men who claimed to be who they were not, and also there were the hypocrites… I was asking myself in 2014, where did my current beliefs fit into the Bible? How could people who stated that they have the truth and claim to  live the truth, turn around and treat others with such hate and piety?  I was even  at the point in my life that I was began to question if there was a God.  How could I question this after having spent my life living and believing in Him?

I felt the need to study deeply my current beliefs and see if they coincided with the Bible.

Please understand, that I loved the denomination that I grew up in. It really was my life – private church academy, private church colleges, camp meetings, summer camps, student missionary, career missionary, pastor’s wife… I am thankful that I was raised in this church. I care a lot about most of the folks who are/have been a part of my life due to my involvement with this denomination.  Somehow when I share with others my current beliefs and thoughts, I almost immediately become labeled bitter and arrogant. That is not where I am coming from.  I am just excited to share that there is a lot in the Bible that I had not seen before! And if you have seen this stuff before…HalleluYah! But if not I would love to share it with y’all.  I think it is exciting, compassionate, amazing, and life changing.  Please do not feel that I am judging. I am just learning and love to share it.  Some of this stuff can be mind-boggling, and you of course have the freedom to call me nuts. And that is ok with me, I thought the same thing about others beliefs when I began this journey.  Please feel free to ask me questions, debate with me, but also please commit to study for yourself with the Father’s spirit help.  Please do not just walk away from your computer shaking your head, and claim that I need to go to the nut house. Please pray and study deeply.

I am excited to share with you my journey to freedom. The thanks goes to my Heavenly Father, His Son, and many prayers from family and friends.

Below this post you can find different places that this journey has taken me. I will continue to add along the way.






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